Review Policy

Hey! if you want to contact me please email:

Here is my review policy

  • I am accepting YA and NA
  • I will only accept the books I feel I will enjoy
  • I am accepting physical copies and e-books (though e-books are preferred and easier for me)
  • If I accept a book, there will be a review written and posted on both my blog and Goodreads (plus promoted on my Instagram/Twitter accounts)
  • Please ensure I have the book at least a month before the release date
  • My thoughts will be my own and the fact that a book was sent to me will not sway my thoughts.
  • If I do not like a book I will explain why.

Things you should include in the email

  • Please put review as the subject line
  • Please tell me when you want the review posted

Review System:

In my reviews I include my rating out of 5 stars and a synopsis taken from Goodreads. I talk about my initial thoughts, the plot, how I thought it was executed and my feelings on the characters. In my reviews, most of the time I only talk about the main characters.


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