Daughter of the Siren Queen by Tricia Levensellar (non-spoiler review) // Is the chemistry actually there?

Book: Daughter of the Siren Queen by Tricia Levensellar

Rating: 3.5 stars

Synopsis: It may spoil the first book, so you can find that here if you’ve read the first


I really enjoyed the first book and I loved Alosa and the world so much and I was so excited to start this one.


Once again. Fastaction packed and filled with adventure. It was such a fun read and I adored it. I loved seeing Alosa come to terms with her family and who she is, and I mean pirates and sirens how fun?


The writing just flows and I love how each chapter leaves you wanting more.


Alosa: Alosa is still strong, bad ass and witty. While still being such a light-hearted book I love how it does talk about important things. How once again Alosa is quick to shut down sexist comments and how she points out how her being a girl makes her no less.

Riden: Riden struggles with his past and Alosa in this book. This book does focus on the romance quite a bit and how Riden doesn’t want half of her or some of her. He’s frustrated with how hesitant Alosa is and how she only lets herself be with him when she’s under emotional stress (does that part make sense? hope so). He says no to that and that’s important. If you commit yourself to someone you both should be fully invested in the relationship.


I didn’t like the romance as much in the first book, but Alosa and Riden’s relationship was really worked upon in this book and I really enjoyed it. I said in the last book I didn’t really see much chemistry between them, but it was a lot more prominent in this one. Yes they’re both stubborn, but I love how they talked about their feelings and problems rationally and in the end they worked things out.

+ the ending is a tad open ended and while I think it was such a good way to end it, I would love to see more of Alosa and Riden!

A shorter, bullet point review can be found on my Goodreads here.


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Have you read Daughter of the Siren Queen? Is it on you TBR? What about Tricia Levensellar’s other books? Are your opinions the same as mine? Or are they totally different?

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  1. Loved your breakdown of this! I’m glad the characters talked through their relationship rationally, and that the guy pointed out Alosa was invested in the relationship only when she was stressed; that’s a very important point to make! Terrific review! 😀

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