1984 by George Orwell (non-spoiler review)

Book: 1984 by George Orwell

Rating: 3.75 stars


Among the seminal texts of the 20th century, Nineteen Eighty-Four is a rare work that grows more haunting as its futuristic purgatory becomes more real. Published in 1949, the book offers political satirist George Orwell’s nightmare vision of a totalitarian, bureaucratic world and one poor stiff’s attempt to find individuality. The brilliance of the novel is Orwell’s prescience of modern life–the ubiquity of television, the distortion of the language–and his ability to construct such a thorough version of hell. Required reading for students since it was published, it ranks among the most terrifying novels ever written.


I’ve been wanting to read this book for such a long time and since one of my goals this year (book wise) is to read more classics, I though why not start with this one?


That was scary, freaky and terrifying in a way? If I had to describe this book in one word, it’d definitely be unsettling. To think this was written years ago makes it even more so.


It was a slow book and felt quite long, but the establishment was really there. I think the length really helped with connecting to/really seeing the characters. Everything was so vivid and real.

I just wow, I REALLY think this is a book everyone should read. I can talk all day about it but to avoid spoilers here are some more singular words that describe the genius that is 1984.

brutal, disturbing, shocking, fascinating, gripping

A shorter, bullet point review can be found on my Goodreads here.


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Have you read 1984? Is it on you TBR? What about George Orwell’s other books? Are your opinions the same as mine? Or are they totally different?

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10 thoughts on “1984 by George Orwell (non-spoiler review)

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  1. Haven’t read this yet, but I’m in a similar situation to the one you described! I really wanna read more classics and I have been meaning to read this book is so damn long!! And seeing this review kinda made me want to pick it up for once to be honest…. Love the review!

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    1. Yes! They’re definitely a lot harder for me to get through, (plus they take longer as well) but always worth it in the end. Haha if you do, hope you enjoy! Thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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