Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman (non-spoiler review)

*This is the second book in a series*

This review won’t spoil any of this book, but it may spoil the previous book/s

Book: Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

Rating: 4 stars


Rowan and Citra take opposite stances on the morality of the Scythedom, putting them at odds, in the second novel of the chilling New York Times bestselling series from Neal Shusterman, author of the Unwind dystology.

Rowan has gone rogue, and has taken it upon himself to put the Scythedom through a trial by fire. Literally. In the year since Winter Conclave, he has gone off-grid, and has been striking out against corrupt scythes—not only in MidMerica, but across the entire continent. He is a dark folk hero now—“Scythe Lucifer”—a vigilante taking down corrupt scythes in flames.

Citra, now a junior scythe under Scythe Curie, sees the corruption and wants to help change it from the inside out, but is thwarted at every turn, and threatened by the “new order” scythes. Realizing she cannot do this alone—or even with the help of Scythe Curie and Faraday, she does the unthinkable, and risks being “deadish” so she can communicate with the Thunderhead—the only being on earth wise enough to solve the dire problems of a perfect world. But will it help solve those problems, or simply watch as perfection goes into decline?


I loved the first book and this was one of my most anticipated releases for the year


Again, I loved the plot and the pacing was perfect. This book certainly makes you think, and I really enjoyed that. It brings up a number of issues and what if questions + we get to see the Thunderhead’s POV and just how he views the world


I enjoy the writing of this book and the little excerpts in between each chapter is both short but still interesting. It’s kind of nice in a way because it gives you a break from the story and allows for a POV which still relates to the plot.

Also another note is that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first because instead of a two person POV we had 3/4 and while Citra + Rowan were still the main characters, there was a lot to follow.


Citra: I still love Citra just as much. It was so nice getting to see her transition from Citra into Scythe Anastasia

Rowan: Rowan I’m kind of iffy on now. I still adore his character, and he wasn’t being evil. We already know he’s a good person, but he was just not as rule abiding

A shorter, bullet point review can be found on my Goordreads here.


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Have you read Thunderhead? Is it on you TBR? What about Neal Shusterman’s other books? Are your opinions the same as mine? Or are they totally different?

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