2018 Bookish Goals

I thought I’d write some of my bookish goals for next year so I can keep track! These are all to do with books, although I may write a separate post about general resolutions another time.


So whoo, here are my 2018 bookish goals.


Focus more on the blog!

I started this blog two months after I started bookstagram, and I may have bitten off more then I could chew. I was still getting used to posting pictures everyday and what not and didn’t have much time for the blog because bookstagram was my main priority (and school haha). Now that I’ve kinda established it, I definitely want to put more effort into the blog. I’ve been writing more content recently (because it’s the holidays), but my aim will be to post at least once a week, find more people to follow and comment more!


Write more reviews!

I want to work on Goodreads a bit as well. I’ve started adding friends and need to write more reviews and rate books more. Last year I barely ever rated my books and only started reviewing them last month I think oops haha. So yeah, I’ll definitely try to work on that as well.


Balance reading

This is kinda grouped with the general resultions, but don’t procrastinate! This is because when I do, I normally do it by reading books. I need to just control myslef because it’s terrible for my grades, not gonna lie bahah


Read more classics 

I want to read more of these. They’re difficult to get through but always enjoyable. I want to put more of my focus into that.



I have this idea in my head that’s been nagging me forever and I want to get it down on paper. It’s not something I want to share or get published or whatnot, but I do want to write it out. Plus it’ll allow me to work on my general writing skills for school.


Be active!

Just be more active on the blog, on bookstagram and Goodreads. I want to join in some monthly challenges as well!

Talk To Me

What are some of your bookish goals for this year? Are you going to set any? Do you have any tips that might help me?


I’m going to come back to this post at the end of the year, and we’ll see how far I’ve come (hopefully haha)

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “2018 Bookish Goals

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  1. Great goals!
    I have found making a (slightly flexible) timetable to be helpful. Work out how long you want or need to spend on tasks (including school work and other life commitments) then set up dedicated times for things such as reading and writing. I find having structure to my day helps me get through everything I need to.
    If that fails, I recommend self bribery! It is amazing what withholding a book from yourself can do for your motivation to get an assignment done!

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