I’m back // You hear me ramble once again

I suck I know. I haven’t posted in forever, so I’m revamping the whole blog and I’ll also try to post once a week. That doesn’t make up for anything, but whoo let’s disregard that.
Today is just a quick catch up post and then I’ll be posting normal content.

Where have I been? What have I been doing?
MIA. If that hasn’t been obvious enough. Honestly, I’ve been trying to cut down on reading so there hasn’t been much for me to post about. Ah I know what you’re thinking. What? Why would one try to cut down on reading? But normally in a month a would read 20+ books, and one, that’s horrible for my already deteriorating eyesight and two,  TIME. I’m a high school student and the work load is just a pain. Also, in my defence I started the blog and bookstagram this year so I’m still finding a balance, because this community just adds to my TBR everyday I swear.

What am I gonna do with this blog?
Post more for one. That’s for sure. Before I only posted reviews and wrap-ups, but now I’ll incorporate a bunch of things and some of them might not be bookish so ehh idk how that’s gonna go. Also I’m not the only one running this blog, so Ran will probably post every once and a while too. HINT HINT GIRL GET ON IT 🙂 (wow that smile looks so passive aggressive)

I started a new theme since the last time I was on here. It was definitely time for a change and I like how it turned out.

I added stuff to my bio so it actually looks as though I have a personality haha, and I’m going to try to post reviews on there as well.

If you know me you know I love black so that’s why the old theme was a favourite, but I’m revamping everything, so new theme and new everything. ALSO what is WordPress reader I like the set up of my blog please SHOW it.

So that’s all for today. A tad lengthy and boring, so TL;DR – I’m posting again so you’ll hear from me soon
Talk to me
What have you all been up to? What’s the last blog post you wrote and published?

Wishing you all a good day
– Cindy

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