Cindy: Hey Hi Hello!

Ran: Hi!

Cindy: Welcome to our blog where we post book reviews…

Ran: …and ramble on and on and on.

Cindy: A little bit about myself! I’m an avid reader who adores books! (If you haven’t guessed already) I’m an INFJ, left-hander and massive Potterhead. I love alot of different genres, but my favourite is fantasy, because the real world’s boring (or at the very least, way less interesting).

Ran: And I’m Ran. I’m mainly into fantasy books and poetry, so please suggest me books to read. Apart from that I write stuff, play piano, make anime/manga edits and do photography!

Cindy: Hope you enjoy our content

Ran: Byee for now ๐Ÿ™‚


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